dinnerpartycolorschemeWhen I start to plan any party, I always start with the fun part, and for me, it’s the visuals. I love envisioning how everything will turn out. Color is a big part of every party. Even if you’re choosing a monochromatic color scheme, it makes a statement. Dinner parties can be themed and/or have a color scheme. Let’s say you were inviting the girls over for a dinner party, you may have a wine theme, but you could definitely combine that with a pink and gold color scheme. In this post, we’re going to discuss 4 ways to choose the color scheme for your next dinner party.

  1. As I mentioned above, if you have a specific group that you’re inviting and you already have a theme in place, you can use that information to create a color scheme that would marry the two. Another example could be a dinner party with seafood for a few couples, maybe you could use a color scheme like this: beacy dinner partyFor me, it invokes feelings of beachy romance.
  2. You could totally base it off the colors of the foods that you’re serving. If you’re planning a dinner party that includes lots of produce, the options are limitless. For a barbecue dinner, you could serve colorful shish kabobs, grilled corn and grilled chicken. For this meal, this color scheme would work: food themeBonus/Side Note: My friend, Chef Darilyn, came up with this awesome guide on how eating a variety of colors can improve your health.
  3. Another method you could use is to determine what feeling you want your guests to have. So, if you want your guests to feel fancy and very adult, you could go with a theme that’s mostly white, gold and cream, like this: creams golds
  4. Just choose your favorite colors! You may have items around your house that you’ve used for entertaining before. You could combine these items and add a few more including your faves. Here’s an example of colors I would choose with my faves: my faves

I hope these ideas gave you a spark of inspiration for your next dinner party!

What’s your favorite part about entertaining? Clearly mines is decorating lol. Let me know in the comments below.

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